RadioBox - Web Radios and Audio Streaming Solutions

RadioBox is a sturdy audio streaming platform that will add an innovative way for businesses to generate new revenue channels. We offer to monetize their Internet spaces by tapping into the power of their captive audience.

ADONGO designs, builds, manages and operates scalable, semi-automated proprietary webradios. These can be used to enhance customer experience, through on-site broadcast on internal PA-systems, as well as conventional interactive real-time hosted programs that can be aired on PCs, laptops, smartphones or any connectable device.

When subscribing to a RadioBox, our customers are empowered towards exploiting and delivering more than 150,000 commercials per year, giving them the capacity of making significant revenue (up to USD 700,000 over three years).

ADONGO works on the Cloud, with world leaders in the fields of streaming automation and that of the Internet of Things. We provide everyone, from Shopping Malls to Hotel Chains via Public Transporters and Retail Chains, with their own audio broadcasting station along with the power to target and reach each and every of their potential customers, on any of his connected devices.

RadioBox comes with native services that include :

  • 24/7 monitored and secured Webcasting,
  • Programmatics that include playlist and advertising management,
  • Widgets and APIs that allow interactions with listeners,
  • Universal mobile Radio Players with show schedule.

How it works…

At ADONGO, with RadioBox, we offer to build, manage and operate proprietary webradio stations on behalf of customers who wish or need to generate new significant revenue channels. These businesses are mainly those that deal with a substantial daily customer flux within their own walls and beyond. These fluxes are what we call Captive Audiences. They determine the relevance of owning a really profitable proprietary advertising network.

So if you are decision maker for a shopping center, a retail chain, a common carrier, a hotel group or some local authority, our service is what you need.

Our audio web streams are configured so as to offer almost 400 “sellable” rotating Ultra Low-Cost advertising slots per day, concurrently with carefully planned content, on fully or semi automated mode. They are designed to fit the concept of the Internet of Things, which implies the seamless broadcast of multi-format streams on any kind of connectable device and within any environment. As such they can generate significant revenue channels, without the hassle of dedicating heavy human and technical resources to that task.