ADONGO specializes in designing, building, managing and deploying DOOH solutions, networks and content.

DOOH refers to digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home, usually on dedicated advertising based networks.

We primarily offer businesses with captive audiences, the power to generate new revenue channels, via services linked to streamed media.

Tap into your Captive Audience

Generate New Revenue Channels

We are a Mauritian startup born out from the necessity for modern companies to find new ways of generating meaningful revenue from their Internet spaces and social media networks. We aim at offering our services to companies that generate a steady customer flux all year round…

But not just! We provide these businesses and other professionals with tools, technology, and strategies to engage and monetize the captive audiences they rightfully own.


We aim to make advertising Fast, Easy, Affordable and Data driven

We offer decentralized, Innovative, Interactive, Platform for Advertisers and display providers to connect.

ADONGO’s Programmatic Decentralized Autonomous Digital-out-of-home media exchange advertising platform and Digital Ad Distribution network impact mission is to fix the 70K+ SME business owners’ problem and make billboards and effective business advertising solution available for all.


To propose real affordable solutions to the budding DOOH advertising sector in Mauritius and abroad.

We serve SMEs, Shop Owners and other Service Providers with captive Audiences, with Digital Signage software/ hardware, Ad Networks, Systems and business models that enable profitable commercial display.

Digital Signage Systems
Digital Signage Systems

We design, develop and manage proprietary Digital Signage indoor/ Outdoor systems and networks that allow seamless affordable Advertising streaming on LED/ LCD screens.

Commercials Production
Commercials Production

We specialize in ready-for-broadcast commercials (primarily designed for our streaming platforms) that cost 10 times less than with traditional production.

Ultra Low-Cost Advertising
Ultra Low-Cost Advertising

We have an indisputable edge that leads us to naturally make the most disruptive, the cheapest and most profitable solution on the market.